1n0ut is an artist collective that works both collaboratively and individually on a variety of video and interactive art projects with a focus on generating synesthetic experiences. The artists mix analogue and digital processes in their work to achieve a perfect aesthetic blend which can be understood as a reflection upon all of our lives. Cross-disciplinary by nature, their approaches reach from a self programmed real-time video montage system based on Robert Praxmarer’s ongoing PhD work to the charming photo stills and composed video works from Reinhold Bidner. Both like to think in shades of grey - between black and white - which gives the audience an experience of fuzziness, fault and, despite algorithmic perfection, harmony.
1n0ut works, exhibits and performs on an international level in locations ranging from contemporary art museums, nightclubs to classical concerts and has been awarded with various prizes.

Robert Praxmarer is an artist, developer and researcher. Currently he leads the department for Augmented Reality & Computer Games at University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. Furthermore he is the creative and scientific head of the Center for Advance in Digital Entertainment Technologies (CADET) and the Pervasive Entertainment Lab Salzburg (PELS). In his professional career he worked together with international artists and designers and consulted and produced works for companies such as SAP, Bayer, Siemens, Lufthansa and UEFA. He received international awards and scholarships (Grand Media Art Award Salzburg, UNESCO Digital Arts Award, Podium09, Crossing Europe). He was a long time fellow of the Ars Electronica Futurelab in the role of a virtual reality and computer vision key researcher. He was an artist in residence of the program "Les pepinieres pour les jeunes artistes" of the European Union and the "Cité des Arts"-Program in Paris and presented his works in over 25 countries (ARCO Madrid, European Cultural Capital, Play Cultures, ...). Together with Reinhold Bidner he forms the artistic duo 1n0ut. His research and works are in interactive dramaturgy and the creation of immersive Experience spaces in Mixed Reality and Cross Media.

Reinhold Bidner was born in Salzburg. He studied at the University for applied sciences and technologies in Salzburg, (MultiMediaArt), at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Scotland, Dundee (Animation and Electronic Media) and completed his degree with merit within the scope of a Socrates Scholarship at K.O.P.P.-Film Berlin.
In 2002 he came to work at the Ars Electronica Futurelab in Linz where he became KeyResearcher in the field of TimeBasedMedia. Since 2006 he is freelancing in the fields of Video, Photography, Animation, Media Design and Media Art, either as an Individual or in the frame of the Art-Collectives 1n0ut and Goldextra, and he also co-organizes and co-curates the Austrian Flipbook Festival.
He has received both awards and scholarships for his work and has exhibited these internationally (New York, Dallas, Oslo, Seville, Madrid, Prague, Dresden, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Linz etc.). 2006 he spent 8 months at Palac Akropolis in Prague during his "Pepinieres europeennes pour les jeunes artistes"-Map-XXL scholarship. In 2008 he won the Media Art Award Salzburg and the Music-Video-Clip-Award of the Backup-Film-Festival Weimar, both in the frame of the MediaArt Collective 1n0ut (with Robert Praxmarer). 2009 he received scholarshipfs for Paris (at Cite des Arts International) and Paliano (near Rome, IT). Currently he lives and works in Salzburg, where he teaches at University for applied sciences and technologies Salzburg in the field of Media- and PostProduction, and Vienna, where he continues his experiments in the fields of Media, Music Visualisation, Animation, Performance, Video, Music and Photography. Since 2012 Reinhold also has a teaching assignment at Art University Linz (in the field of Motion Graphics and Interactive Video).
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